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Canada Week 6

· 2 min read

This is an archive from the previous blog.

I knew little about North America, and to be honest, I wasn't fascinated with it very much because of their short history. Living in Toronto and visiting several cities in the US, however, I found it totally wrong. Indeed our country is one of the oldest nation in the world with a long history and deeply-rooted culture, but this also means that we tend to rely on the legacy and started just following the past. Eventually we cease to proceed on our own under the name of tradition. Briefly speaking, I think American history is a history of the people who've been seeking for freedom or happiness and creating their own history or culture. An example might be found in differences between French Revolution and American War of Independence. Freedom is not a inherent right but the people's creation. Happiness is not a gift from the God but your feeling on your life. They are energetic and curious about their own lives with the sense of ownership.

These are what I was thinking of when I was walking in the city of Chicago this weekend in a shiny weather. I'm grateful to the friend of mine to give me a change to come to the city and showed his enthusiasm about his dream.