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Blog renewal

· 2 min read

It's been a while since the last update at the previous blog. I feel I need a some big trigger to resume it so I renewed the whole platform.


Some articles (English) are archived from the previous blog.

Why renewal

There are some reasons why I renewed my blog/website.

To unify all the platforms to share ideas

In the previous blog, I mainly wrote about my thinkings through daily life and study abroad without any specific themes. For that purpose, I was pretty okay.

As an engineer, however, I've wanted to write some technical stuff to keep my learning motivation, which is not very suitable at the previous blog with GUI manager. I feel like creating a new one also to trigger my actions.

Trial to make my FE skill practical

I usually work on backend at my work and yet I'm always interested in other skills and fields such as frontend, ML, HCL. Only eager to learn is not sufficient to put it into practice, at least for my case. I could've done a side work where I can work as a frontend engineer, but I wanna be more free about what I do.


I was thinking of using blog services such as note, Medium and Qiita, but none of them satisfies the [unifying issue](To unify all the platforms to share ideas), especially the followings;

  • Multi language support
  • Markdown
  • git management

Especially for multi language support, different country has different popular blog service and it seems difficult to conclude within one site. Here I found VuePress, which is vue supported static site generator. I found it easy to start with and flexible to customize.

Of course wordpress was one of my options, but I wanted to make it easy. I was also interested in Vue.js by any chance.

What I'm gonna write about

I haven't decided yet what to write specifically without the following broad categories;

  • Tech
  • Book review
  • Others

Hopefully this declaration helps me achieve some of my this year's resolution, read and learn.