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Canada Week 1

· 2 min read

This is an archive from the previous blog.

Long time no writing here! As I'm in another country and more free time, I'd like to write down what comes to my mind. (I titled this article week 1, but I'm not sure how long it lasts…)

This is my first visit to Canada, and found closer to Japan than Europe as I expected. Probably because our westernization was based on the US rather than Europe and because it's just downtown, the scenery and the atmosphere in the city is somehow familiar. There are, however, some differences I noticed.


I heard that people here are more friendly and easier to talk to, but the degree is beyond my expectation (Or I'm simply not used to it). I guess this culture has been growing as a country of immigrant. As there are always people coming in and out, they always talk to new people and can't go without it. How to be friends with new people has been one of the keys to be successful in this country. This culture is good especially for exchange students like me.


I watched an interview asking German people “Was ist typisch Amerika? (What is typical America?)” and remember one old man saying “Dumm und geschichtlos (Stupid and with no history).” I though he was just making fun of America, but I'd say it is indeed the case a little bit about history. (I won't say America is stupid.) Canadian/American culture is collection of cultures from the globe, which is now making another culture. Having little culture doesn't mean being stupid, but having vitality to build up their own country on their own, which we Japanese might be lacking of.